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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Rajgarh Durga alwar

Rajgarh durg alwar

Rajgarh is situated in Alwar district, it is built by Maharaja Alwar Vijay Singh, it is called Toran Durg of Rajasthan. This fort is very important in the state of tourism, here tourists from abroad visit the country.
There  are  dozens  of small town temples  in  the town  in  which there  are  different temples  of  Lord Govind  Devji त and Jagannathjig  who  have  different  identities  with  them  Apart  from this one and  a  half  dozen alwar bawadis  depicting architecture jay and  innumerable  gardens of  lemon  and  mangoes  have  recognized Rajgad  differently  throughout  the  country  It  is  another  matter  that  in  the absence  of  protection  these  gardens  and bavadars  have  now  lost  their original existence  rajgrh durg

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