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Thursday, 11 July 2019

Kumabhal garh durg

Kumbhalgarh durg

The a fort  of Kumbhalgarh  not  only  places  Rajasthan  but  is  a  special  place  in all  the  fortifications  of India  This  fort spreads  over  1087  meters  high  and 30 km  in  diameter  from  78  km  from Udaipur  and  is a  unique  monument  of the  brightness  and  talent  of  Yashishvi Maharana  Kumbha  of Mewar  The construction  of this  fort was  completed  in 1458  after  15 years  after the  beginning  of 1443  on  theb remains  of the  fort  of Ashoka  the second son of Ashoka, the son of Ashoka  On completion  of the fortification  of the fort Maharana  Kumbha drew the  coins  on  which  the  fort andb his name were marked. According to the rules of Vastu Shastra, this fort has built entrance, ramparts, reservoirs, crisis gate to go out, palaces, temples, residential buildings, yagna altar, pillars, umbrellas etc.

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