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Thursday, 25 July 2019

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Amer durg

Amer durg

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Kumabhal garh durg

Kumbhalgarh durg

The a fort  of Kumbhalgarh  not  only  places  Rajasthan  but  is  a  special  place  in all  the  fortifications  of India  This  fort spreads  over  1087  meters  high  and 30 km  in  diameter  from  78  km  from Udaipur  and  is a  unique  monument  of the  brightness  and  talent  of  Yashishvi Maharana  Kumbha  of Mewar  The construction  of this  fort was  completed  in 1458  after  15 years  after the  beginning  of 1443  on  theb remains  of the  fort  of Ashoka  the second son of Ashoka, the son of Ashoka  On completion  of the fortification  of the fort Maharana  Kumbha drew the  coins  on  which  the  fort andb his name were marked. According to the rules of Vastu Shastra, this fort has built entrance, ramparts, reservoirs, crisis gate to go out, palaces, temples, residential buildings, yagna altar, pillars, umbrellas etc.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Udaypur durg

Udaypur durg

The construction of Udaipur fort was made by Maharana Ratan Singh. It was completed in 20 years. It is the important fort in the state from tourism. In this fort, many types of temples are located in Chhataria of ancient Rajo, etc.
Before rja becoming  king Shah J also came to t palaces  of this  lake .
On t two  islands  situated in this lake, Jag Mandir and Niwas are two  beautiful palaces  Now  these  palaces have  been converted  into a fivesone hotel (L Palace Hotel ) which  run by the former  Rana Bhagvant S of Rajasthan Udaipur
In the  14th  century  thiss water lake .

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Rajgarh Durga alwar

Rajgarh durg alwar

Rajgarh is situated in Alwar district, it is built by Maharaja Alwar Vijay Singh, it is called Toran Durg of Rajasthan. This fort is very important in the state of tourism, here tourists from abroad visit the country.
There  are  dozens  of small town temples  in  the town  in  which there  are  different temples  of  Lord Govind  Devji त and Jagannathjig  who  have  different  identities  with  them  Apart  from this one and  a  half  dozen alwar bawadis  depicting architecture jay and  innumerable  gardens of  lemon  and  mangoes  have  recognized Rajgad  differently  throughout  the  country  It  is  another  matter  that  in  the absence  of  protection  these  gardens  and bavadars  have  now  lost  their original existence  rajgrh durg

Friday, 5 July 2019

Taragarh ajmer

Taragarh ajmer

Located in Ajmer district, called the heart of Taragarh fort, Rajasthan, it is situated on a high hill in Ajmer, Tarajgarh fort, built by Akbar.
This (Durga) fort  was  constructed  by  the emperor  Ajay  Pal  Chauhana  in the 11 th century r to  protect  the  Mughal  invasions  Taragarh is  situated  on  the  hill behindg the  Qila  Dargah  Earlierb this  fort was famous  as Ajayburu In the  Mughal period  this  fort  was very  important  from the  strategic  point  of view  but  now  it remains  only  the  name  of the  name Only the  shabby  turret , the  doors  and  the Khandahar  are  left  here .

Binding ka kila

Binding ka kila

Bundi Fort is located in the Kota Shatabdi of Rajasthan, but many Rajo attacked the Bundi fort but no one could win it. It is located in the Bundi district of Rajasthan. At present, various schemes have been launched by the State Government for its protection. State government
Therefore say Taragarh
The rt Bundi  fort is situated  at a  height  y of  1426  feet  above  the summit  It looks like bundi the  stars  of the  sky  from  Earth . This  is probably  why  it was  named Taragarh . Most  notably , like  the other forts  in  Rajasthan , it does  not show  any particular  effect  of Mughal  architecture . This  fort  has  been gol built  keeping  in mind  the typical  Rajput  architecture bundi