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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Rajasthan ki chitrakala

Rajasthan ki chitrakala kala

The most  ancient painted volume of Rajasthan Oudh Nirutaki Vriti  and ten Vaikalika  Sutra Churni was found in J which is composed in  1060 AD Pictures of R are divided into four styles. Which  are as follows

Marwar  style
Hadev  Style
Trail  style
Mewar  Style
Location -  Udaipur

Swarnakal -  Jagat Singh  first was  the golden  period

Leading p - Sahibdin , Jagannath , Kriparam , Umra or Amra , Manohar , Hiranand (of Jagannath of Mewad , pleased  Umra , gave him a  favorite diamond)


Geetagovind  - painted in the  era of Jagatsingh  first by Sahibidin
Rasikapriya  - painted in the  era of Jagatsingh first by Sahibidan
Ragamala - painted  in the era  of Jagat Singh first by Sahibdin
Bhagwat  Purana - painted i the era of Jagatsingh first  by Sahibidin
Shukar  Area Mahatmya - Illustrated by Shahibdin  during the  reign of Raj Singh
Misery  song abstract
Surasagar -  Jagatsingh written in the era of  the first
Thief  panchika
Mullah  two pooja
Sarupnah  Charyam -  Museum at Mokal  secured by Hin Udaipur
Aash - Manohar and Sahibin composed during Jagat Singh's first period
Bihari Satasai - composed by Jagannath in the time of Sangram Singh II
Kali Damana - Its illustrator is Nuruddin. According to Alburuni, this is the story of the Panchatantra (composed by Vishnu Sharma). Critical and suppressive character. Abul Fazl translated it into Persian language as 'Ayye Danish'
The first pictorial book on the basis of Kali Damana was prepared in Baghdad in 1258

Color - red and yellow

Principal Tree - Kadamb

The characteristic of the picture - The heroine of the picture, Tarun Var (youth) whose eyes were like a mineral or lotus

Shravak Pratikaran by Churni Kamalchand in 1260, the first painted text of Mewar painting in the period of Rawal Tej Singh

Sudapnah biography - written by Hirananda

The museum of pictures built in the city of Udaipur City by Chitre Rei Ovari Jagatsingh is also called the factory of photographs.

Feature of picture style

Tough body, long mustache, short height, men and miniaturized eyes, long nose like eagle, long braid, filled chin women


Mewar  painting subdivisions

Chavand M picture style
Nathdwara Mewar picture style
Deogarh Mewar diagram

Chavand Mewar picture style
Location - Udaipur

Golden age - era of Amar Singh

Major painter - Nasir Din (Nisradi)

Main Image Written by 1605 Nasiruddin (Sisadari)


Nathdwara Mewar picture style
Location - Rajasamand

Swarnakal - Raj Singh's time

Chief painter - Narayana, Chaturbhuj, Ghisaram (Narayan threw the quadrilateral in Nathdwara)

Color - green and yellow

Major images - Bhiyaiyan

The characteristic of the picture -

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