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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Rajasthan keep marusthal

Rajasthan Ka marusthal

Thar  words
The  word tharar is derived  from the place , meaning  sand sand . The sand of the desert is a variation  of the sedimentary rocks  of 2.5 billion t 57 million y  with the rocks of the Cambrian age ( gwhich are 3.8 billion years old ). Apart from this deposits brought  by  the rivers in the modern geographical  period are also in this sand . The sand weeds found on the surface (brought by air) is. The upper layer of 16 million years old sand is the newest. The surface of this desert is uneven and high-low, the small mounds of sand are separated from sandy plains and small barren hills or bamboo, which arise suddenly from the surrounding plains. Different sized sandy mounds are constantly changing. Although the old mounds are semi-fixed and steady and their height is up to 150 meters. In this area, some lakes of plain water (Playa) have been dispersed, which are called Dhund in the local language . Here the total seven categories of soil are found: Desert soil, desert soil, brown and black soil, lowland red and yellow soil , saline soil, seasonal shallow soil, and soft soils in mountainous terrain. All t soils are mainly dry , crispy, and completely d There is more  or less crowd of lime in layers of soil. The soil here is generally dand due to high winds, the sand is  stored on it.

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