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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Marwad ki chitrakala

Marwad ki chitrakala

The most  ancient style of painting.  Maharana.  Kumbha had a special contribution in developing  the Mewar style . This picture style  is the initial and original form of Rajasthani painting  The earliest painting in Mewar has been received from Shraka Pratikraman Sutra Churni ( Saavak Padikan Sut Churni) from 1260  AD.

The  painting of this treatise was in the time of Raja Tej Singh.  This is the oldest painted text of the Mewar  style. The second volume Supanahan Chariyam' (Paswanatha Charitra) was  depicted in 1423 AD in Delwara. Kesav's rasika Priya and  song are the prime example of Govind Mewar style.

Key features

Special  significance of mural painting tradition, special system of color combination, picture  of main person or  event, depiction of buildings for creating  awareness and effect depiction of pothi texts  etc.

This style has a yellow color primacy. In the pictures of Mewar-style, the flag of Kadambak has been depicted.
Costume -  Turban on the head , padded in the waist, thick in the ears, surrounded by jam
Male shape- long mustache, big eyes, small cap and stature, stacked body.
Female shape lipstick and transparent linen, small height, double chin, mole on chin, fish-like eyes, simple emotional face
Major painters
Kruparam Bheruram , Hiranand, Jagannath, Manohar,  Kamalchandra, Nasiruddin / Nisardin

Key figure
Ragamala, Barhmasa, Krishna Leela, Hero-heroine etc.

Rana Amarsingh First- From 1597 to 1620 AD, the images of Ragala were produced in Chanwad. Nisruddin portrayed these paintings. Their reign is considered as the golden age of Mewar style.

Maharana Amarsingh II- During his reign Shiva Prasanna, Amar-Vilas Mahal, built in Mughal style, is now considered as 'Bardi-Mahal' nowadays.

Rana Karnasimha - The reign of Mardana Mahal and Janana Mahal was built during their reign.

Rana Jagatsingh First- In this period, miniature paintings like Ragamala, Rasik Priya, Geetgovind, Ramayan etc. were created. Major painters Sahabdin and Manohar In the palace of Jagatsingh, an art school named Chitre's Overy was established which is also known as photo rows factories.



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