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Sunday, 9 June 2019

Maharana Ghar durg

Maharana Ghar 

Maharana  Pratap Singh ( Jyeshtha Shukla  Tritiya Sunday  Vikram Samvat  15 9 according  to 9th May 1540 -19 January  1597 ) was king of Shishodia  dynasty in  Udaipur , Mewar  His name is  immortal in the history  of heroism and determination  He struggled with Mughal  Emperor Akbar  for many years Maharana Pratap Singh defeated  the Mughals several times in the war They have Born In  rajsthan Kumbalgadh  in home father maharana  Udhay Singh a mother Jivat kanwar Rana Pratap, along with 20,000  Rajputs in the Battle of Haldighati in  1576  faced the  80000 army o Mughal  Sardar King Mansingh

        Mansana P was surrounded  by enemy  army and saved him by giving life  and giving Maharana to leave the war land Shakti Singh rescues Maharana by  giving his assault Dear Ashu  Chetak also died This war lasted only a day  but it killed 17000 p  To win Mewar  Akbar made all efforts to win. Maharana's condition worried day by day B Shah also became immortal by g  25000 Rajputs for 12 years of grants.

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