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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

kisangarh ki chitrakala

Kisangarh ki chitrakala

Bani Thali  was also the slave and girlfriend  of Sawant Singh the then King  of Rajasthan s Kishangarh s  Raja Sawant Singh was the center of beauty a art he himself was a great poet  and painter During his  reign many  artists  were  sheltered

"Bani Thali was also a wonderful mosaic  of beauty  and a high  ranking poetess  In such a way grace and Anurag  of the King  who performed the  art  and went  on growing towards  this maid . Raja Sawant Singh  and the singer maid were both devotees  of Krishna . The maid s the king' own  attachment and attachment  also considered  the king as Krishna  and myself as a mirror , fully dto the king  himself  with full devotion . The people who  knew their attachment alsaw the  image of Krishna within them  and both of them  honored with  ornaments  like Raja Nagari Das , Chitvan , Chitre , Anuragi , Matvale  etc . etc . The maid was also  given Kalavanti , Kirtinin , Lovelaj, Nagar Rumani, Utsav At the address of Priya etc ., she used to write  poetry herself i n the name of Rasik  Bihari .

Once the King Sawant Singh, who was a painter, dressed as a pawn and ornament of ray women and made an image of it in solitude. And this picture was named by the king "Bani-Thali". The Rajasthani language "Bani-Thali" means "Saji-Sanwari", "Saji-Dhaji". This picture made by Raja showed the state's painter Nihalchand. Nihalchand made some modifications in the picture that King made. Even after making the modification, the king did not show the picture to anyone except the painter. And painting from Nihalchand, making the picture back in front of him ,

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