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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Jaygarh durg

Jai garh durg

Jaipur This  gun placed on Jaigad Fort in Jaipur is considered the  biggest cannon  in Asia  Its size is estimated from  the fact that a pond  was formed  in a village 35   kilometers away  from  the city . Even today  the pond  is present the thirst  of  the people of the village  is extinguished . Jaigad  fort about on the hills  of Aravali was built in 1726  The cannon tube which is 31  feet long has 50 tonnes  of the ward  largest   cannon placed on the Doinger door of  Jaigad Fort The  length of the end of  the canopy  is 31 feet 3 inches  When Jaybana Topy was first  run for test firing then a pond was built  in the town of Chakusu   located about 35 km from  Jaipur  The guns  weight was 50 tons. The  weight of the cannon is 50 tons. This cannon has an 8 meter long barrel facility It is the most  famous gun a mong the artillery found in the world 100 kilos of gun  powder was used to fire the cannon 35 kilometer to fire o nfry it n eeded 100  kg of gun powder Due to  overweight it  was not taken out of the fort and  it was  never used  in war Read this in  the next slides The  interesting story  of this fort is being   celebrated on  September 27 World T tahjy Day