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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Jaygarh durg

Jai garh durg

Jaipur This  gun placed on Jaigad Fort in Jaipur is considered the  biggest cannon  in Asia  Its size is estimated from  the fact that a pond  was formed  in a village 35   kilometers away  from  the city . Even today  the pond  is present the thirst  of  the people of the village  is extinguished . Jaigad  fort about on the hills  of Aravali was built in 1726  The cannon tube which is 31  feet long has 50 tonnes  of the ward  largest   cannon placed on the Doinger door of  Jaigad Fort The  length of the end of  the canopy  is 31 feet 3 inches  When Jaybana Topy was first  run for test firing then a pond was built  in the town of Chakusu   located about 35 km from  Jaipur  The guns  weight was 50 tons. The  weight of the cannon is 50 tons. This cannon has an 8 meter long barrel facility It is the most  famous gun a mong the artillery found in the world 100 kilos of gun  powder was used to fire the cannon 35 kilometer to fire o nfry it n eeded 100  kg of gun powder Due to  overweight it  was not taken out of the fort and  it was  never used  in war Read this in  the next slides The  interesting story  of this fort is being   celebrated on  September 27 World T tahjy Day

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Maharana Ghar durg

Maharana Ghar 

Maharana  Pratap Singh ( Jyeshtha Shukla  Tritiya Sunday  Vikram Samvat  15 9 according  to 9th May 1540 -19 January  1597 ) was king of Shishodia  dynasty in  Udaipur , Mewar  His name is  immortal in the history  of heroism and determination  He struggled with Mughal  Emperor Akbar  for many years Maharana Pratap Singh defeated  the Mughals several times in the war They have Born In  rajsthan Kumbalgadh  in home father maharana  Udhay Singh a mother Jivat kanwar Rana Pratap, along with 20,000  Rajputs in the Battle of Haldighati in  1576  faced the  80000 army o Mughal  Sardar King Mansingh

        Mansana P was surrounded  by enemy  army and saved him by giving life  and giving Maharana to leave the war land Shakti Singh rescues Maharana by  giving his assault Dear Ashu  Chetak also died This war lasted only a day  but it killed 17000 p  To win Mewar  Akbar made all efforts to win. Maharana's condition worried day by day B Shah also became immortal by g  25000 Rajputs for 12 years of grants.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Guru shikhar

Guru shikhar

Gurushikar n only has  the highest peak  of Mount Abu but the  entire Aravali  mountain range which is located  at an altitude  of 1722 meters above sea level Gursikhar  provides a breathtaking  view of Mount Town city and  green Aravali range

If are going  through beautiful M Abu area in  Rajasthan, then you  should ensure  you pay  the visit of  Guru Shikhar the postcard  picture quality views the city of Mount Abu and Aravali  Range Guru Shikhar has many  beautiful and historical There is also a home of landmarks
By c to the summit of Guru  you should ensure that you visit the temple of Guru Dattatreya. Many Hindus in western  Indian regions believed that Dattatreya was a God He believes tDattatreya is the incarnation of Divya Tridev Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva Datta means given Datta is said to be because the divine trinity has  given itself to a sage couple atri and Anasuya as a son. She is the son of Atri hence its name is Atreya Nearby is a historic bell that was inscribed with 1488 V.S ( 1411AD. ) Unfortunately  the old bell has been disintegrated

Friday, 7 June 2019

Nwalgarh ki haweliya

Nwalgarh ki haweliya

Bhattans  Choti  Haveli is one of the most famous  havelis of Nawalgarh , Nawalgarh . Nawalgarh , a city in Jhunjhunu  district of Rajasthan , in India , is famous for fairytale havelis with  Fresos , which is characteristic of  Shekhawati area in Rajasthan . Nawalgarh  boasts of some of the best preserved  havelis and fine graffiti in Shekhawati . The small mansion of Bhagatan in Nawalgarh , certainly one o them .

Nawalgarh  was established  in 1737 AD . In T Naval S Ji Bahadur (S  was done in  Rohili village . Nawalgarh was then  enclosed in differentdirections  in different directions  by different  highways ( pavilions ) with four poles ( doors ) such as Agona Door, Bavdi Door (in the north ),  Mandi door and Nansa Darwaja  - at each door There are iron doors . The market place of Nawalgarh  and the layout of the havelis  indicate that the city was well planned  before construction . Nawalgarh  was considered to be the most  modern and planned  city of the Shekhawati area .

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

kisangarh ki chitrakala

Kisangarh ki chitrakala

Bani Thali  was also the slave and girlfriend  of Sawant Singh the then King  of Rajasthan s Kishangarh s  Raja Sawant Singh was the center of beauty a art he himself was a great poet  and painter During his  reign many  artists  were  sheltered

"Bani Thali was also a wonderful mosaic  of beauty  and a high  ranking poetess  In such a way grace and Anurag  of the King  who performed the  art  and went  on growing towards  this maid . Raja Sawant Singh  and the singer maid were both devotees  of Krishna . The maid s the king' own  attachment and attachment  also considered  the king as Krishna  and myself as a mirror , fully dto the king  himself  with full devotion . The people who  knew their attachment alsaw the  image of Krishna within them  and both of them  honored with  ornaments  like Raja Nagari Das , Chitvan , Chitre , Anuragi , Matvale  etc . etc . The maid was also  given Kalavanti , Kirtinin , Lovelaj, Nagar Rumani, Utsav At the address of Priya etc ., she used to write  poetry herself i n the name of Rasik  Bihari .

Once the King Sawant Singh, who was a painter, dressed as a pawn and ornament of ray women and made an image of it in solitude. And this picture was named by the king "Bani-Thali". The Rajasthani language "Bani-Thali" means "Saji-Sanwari", "Saji-Dhaji". This picture made by Raja showed the state's painter Nihalchand. Nihalchand made some modifications in the picture that King made. Even after making the modification, the king did not show the picture to anyone except the painter. And painting from Nihalchand, making the picture back in front of him ,

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Marwad ki chitrakala

Marwad ki chitrakala

The most  ancient style of painting.  Maharana.  Kumbha had a special contribution in developing  the Mewar style . This picture style  is the initial and original form of Rajasthani painting  The earliest painting in Mewar has been received from Shraka Pratikraman Sutra Churni ( Saavak Padikan Sut Churni) from 1260  AD.

The  painting of this treatise was in the time of Raja Tej Singh.  This is the oldest painted text of the Mewar  style. The second volume Supanahan Chariyam' (Paswanatha Charitra) was  depicted in 1423 AD in Delwara. Kesav's rasika Priya and  song are the prime example of Govind Mewar style.

Key features

Special  significance of mural painting tradition, special system of color combination, picture  of main person or  event, depiction of buildings for creating  awareness and effect depiction of pothi texts  etc.

This style has a yellow color primacy. In the pictures of Mewar-style, the flag of Kadambak has been depicted.
Costume -  Turban on the head , padded in the waist, thick in the ears, surrounded by jam
Male shape- long mustache, big eyes, small cap and stature, stacked body.
Female shape lipstick and transparent linen, small height, double chin, mole on chin, fish-like eyes, simple emotional face
Major painters
Kruparam Bheruram , Hiranand, Jagannath, Manohar,  Kamalchandra, Nasiruddin / Nisardin

Key figure
Ragamala, Barhmasa, Krishna Leela, Hero-heroine etc.

Rana Amarsingh First- From 1597 to 1620 AD, the images of Ragala were produced in Chanwad. Nisruddin portrayed these paintings. Their reign is considered as the golden age of Mewar style.

Maharana Amarsingh II- During his reign Shiva Prasanna, Amar-Vilas Mahal, built in Mughal style, is now considered as 'Bardi-Mahal' nowadays.

Rana Karnasimha - The reign of Mardana Mahal and Janana Mahal was built during their reign.

Rana Jagatsingh First- In this period, miniature paintings like Ragamala, Rasik Priya, Geetgovind, Ramayan etc. were created. Major painters Sahabdin and Manohar In the palace of Jagatsingh, an art school named Chitre's Overy was established which is also known as photo rows factories.



Sunday, 2 June 2019

Rajasthan keep marusthal

Rajasthan Ka marusthal

Thar  words
The  word tharar is derived  from the place , meaning  sand sand . The sand of the desert is a variation  of the sedimentary rocks  of 2.5 billion t 57 million y  with the rocks of the Cambrian age ( gwhich are 3.8 billion years old ). Apart from this deposits brought  by  the rivers in the modern geographical  period are also in this sand . The sand weeds found on the surface (brought by air) is. The upper layer of 16 million years old sand is the newest. The surface of this desert is uneven and high-low, the small mounds of sand are separated from sandy plains and small barren hills or bamboo, which arise suddenly from the surrounding plains. Different sized sandy mounds are constantly changing. Although the old mounds are semi-fixed and steady and their height is up to 150 meters. In this area, some lakes of plain water (Playa) have been dispersed, which are called Dhund in the local language . Here the total seven categories of soil are found: Desert soil, desert soil, brown and black soil, lowland red and yellow soil , saline soil, seasonal shallow soil, and soft soils in mountainous terrain. All t soils are mainly dry , crispy, and completely d There is more  or less crowd of lime in layers of soil. The soil here is generally dand due to high winds, the sand is  stored on it.

Rajasthan ki chitrakala

Rajasthan ki chitrakala kala

The most  ancient painted volume of Rajasthan Oudh Nirutaki Vriti  and ten Vaikalika  Sutra Churni was found in J which is composed in  1060 AD Pictures of R are divided into four styles. Which  are as follows

Marwar  style
Hadev  Style
Trail  style
Mewar  Style
Location -  Udaipur

Swarnakal -  Jagat Singh  first was  the golden  period

Leading p - Sahibdin , Jagannath , Kriparam , Umra or Amra , Manohar , Hiranand (of Jagannath of Mewad , pleased  Umra , gave him a  favorite diamond)


Geetagovind  - painted in the  era of Jagatsingh  first by Sahibidin
Rasikapriya  - painted in the  era of Jagatsingh first by Sahibidan
Ragamala - painted  in the era  of Jagat Singh first by Sahibdin
Bhagwat  Purana - painted i the era of Jagatsingh first  by Sahibidin
Shukar  Area Mahatmya - Illustrated by Shahibdin  during the  reign of Raj Singh
Misery  song abstract
Surasagar -  Jagatsingh written in the era of  the first
Thief  panchika
Mullah  two pooja
Sarupnah  Charyam -  Museum at Mokal  secured by Hin Udaipur
Aash - Manohar and Sahibin composed during Jagat Singh's first period
Bihari Satasai - composed by Jagannath in the time of Sangram Singh II
Kali Damana - Its illustrator is Nuruddin. According to Alburuni, this is the story of the Panchatantra (composed by Vishnu Sharma). Critical and suppressive character. Abul Fazl translated it into Persian language as 'Ayye Danish'
The first pictorial book on the basis of Kali Damana was prepared in Baghdad in 1258

Color - red and yellow

Principal Tree - Kadamb

The characteristic of the picture - The heroine of the picture, Tarun Var (youth) whose eyes were like a mineral or lotus

Shravak Pratikaran by Churni Kamalchand in 1260, the first painted text of Mewar painting in the period of Rawal Tej Singh

Sudapnah biography - written by Hirananda

The museum of pictures built in the city of Udaipur City by Chitre Rei Ovari Jagatsingh is also called the factory of photographs.

Feature of picture style

Tough body, long mustache, short height, men and miniaturized eyes, long nose like eagle, long braid, filled chin women


Mewar  painting subdivisions

Chavand M picture style
Nathdwara Mewar picture style
Deogarh Mewar diagram

Chavand Mewar picture style
Location - Udaipur

Golden age - era of Amar Singh

Major painter - Nasir Din (Nisradi)

Main Image Written by 1605 Nasiruddin (Sisadari)


Nathdwara Mewar picture style
Location - Rajasamand

Swarnakal - Raj Singh's time

Chief painter - Narayana, Chaturbhuj, Ghisaram (Narayan threw the quadrilateral in Nathdwara)

Color - green and yellow

Major images - Bhiyaiyan

The characteristic of the picture -