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Sunday, 14 April 2019

RAJSTHAN ke prasidh mele

RAJSTHAN ke prashidh mele

Major  Animal Fairs of Rajasthan
1. Shribibdev c fair
This  fair is held in Marda City (Nagaur)  This fair is organized in the favorable  part of Chaitra month, belonging to the Nagauri  breed .

2  SVeer Tejaji cattle fair
This fair  is held in Parbetsar (Nagaur). Shravan P is running till Bhadrapad Amavasya . This festival has the highest  revenue for the state government.

3. Ramdev  cattle fair
This fair is held in Manasar ( Nagaur ). T fair is organized in the  month of Margashirsha . This fair is the largest sale of N type bulls.

4. Sweet  sea animal fair
Is  organized in Jhalarapatan ( Jhalawar ). This fair is held in Vmonth . Belongs  to Malvii breed . This animal fair  is the largest c fair of the Hadaval Zone .

5. Central Animal Fair
In Jhalarapatan ( Jhalawar )  Kartik is held in the month . Belongs to Malvii breed .

6. Funeral cattle f
Kartik  is held in the month. This fair is organized in Pushkar (. Fall is related to  breed .

7. Gogamedi  Fair
Is held in Nohar (Hanumangarh). This fair is  organized in the  month of Bhadrapad . It is related to the Hariyanvi breed . Longest in Rajasthan